Sunday, 11 February 2007

What a Yawn... anyone even still reading this? I think people only read other people's blogs on the offchance they will see themselves mentioned. Or discover dirty little trashy secrets about people they know (or in the case of celebs, wish they knew).

Seeing as I have been holed up in my studio trying to get this gallery up and running, I haven't socialised in WEEKS! And I've also lapsed on my sucking up so no-one is telling me dirty little secrets anymore.

What a drag...did I really come to Second Life to work?

I don't even have any new pictures of myself to post. That's really saying something. So I'll post one of Juliet in her cyberpunk jewelry. She's renting the parcel in Seonhan (SLUrl) and her stuff is fab.u.lous. Mmmmm FABulous! Beautifully crafted, high detail....technical perfection.

She knows it too....*makes a W with her fingers*


Phree2Be said...

Well Luxe, I check everyday for the update and am generally disappointed when I don't get a new dose of robust and flavorful insights into SL (although the phallic poses were a little much for me). And yeah, the guilty pleasure here for all of us is to see if we get mentioned and have an affect on the SL world of Luxe Alabaster. Even from half a world away some of us still wonder if your going to leave us or if you'll keep life interesting for at least another day. Now, get out of that studio and let's go dancing, meet some people, and stop taking this SL thing so seriously!!!


Luxe Alabaster said...

Awwww Phree you're such a darling. Well I suppose if ONE person is reading this then I guess I can plod on a little longer :P