Sunday, 12 August 2007

[18:31] Dreamland2007 ACS: Hi, we cut 16 sq.m of your land for the new tier system, so you have been refunded 200 L$ for 16 sq.m of land.: )

I am truly overwhelmed by their generosity.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Real Robots

My RL robots wanted their 15 minutes....

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

More ADD

*giggly wiggly piggly*

So after spending quite a few L$s on my new home on Kaki Isles, I'm pulling it all down to build our (Joeru & mine) little town!

So exciting! And a GREAT reason to spend more time in SL. Yay yay yippee! I've decided that I will try to be good and on days that I have RL work to do, I'll wake up early for SL, or stay in at night to spend time inworld.

And on days where I'm relatively free...I'm ALL YOURS!


Anyhoo, here's Maximum Minimum's fabulous Solaris 01 house that I am living, and being envied in...for now :)

I'm definitely a Cult and MM princess!

Max very considerately includes cement building blocks with Solaris 01 so you can custom-reno your prefab! I built an outdoor rainshower and stand under it until I go all pruney. That's also MM's shower thingy with steam and perfect rainshower sounds...

And THEN my favourite friend Juliet gave me a DIGITASTIC Bitter Thorns wall clock that tells international time, so my friends and I will always know what time it is for me in Singapore! How clever is that???

Come and visit anytime (even if I'm not there...but keep your durty paws off the bed!)


Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Most Pleasantville

Jo and I want to join our parcels together and develop a 1950s vibe. I'm wondering if a black/white theme a la Pleasantville with just our products in colour would work.

Tried it on a little corner of our sim today (wearing Tete A Pied's fabulous Black & White Film Skin, of course). Kinda funky but kinda...dreary at the same time.

Will speak to Jo when she comes on later. I think it could work but we'd have to use some fabulously rich textures to keep everything from feeling blah...

PS: Winter thinks I need a tommy gun to complete the outfit. She's SO right!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Auld Lang Syne

I really miss my friends and I wish I could find some way to spend time in SL everyday, without losing my sense of balance.

This is the big problem with me, it's always either all or nothing. I saw Juli yesterday after a long, long time and how much have I missed her?? I haven't seen Shermie in ages and Fade, whom I still think of so often, is like a stranger.

I hate feeling so disconnected when I read Torley's blog, or when I speak to friends and they talk about really fun stuff they did over the weekend. I miss that incredible feeling of absorption when I'm building something new (and even the crashing downer I feel after finishing a build) and thinking about robots all day long. I feel sad about losing touch with the skills I've learnt on the grid. I regret not being able to get to know better, friends I had just met before retreating from my second life.

I even miss the sound of teleporting!

And now with stuff like WindLight and sculpted prims.....


I wish there was (were?) two of me.

PS: Yes, I changed my blog template. I saw a screencast on customising your blog header and got carried away....

Friday, 11 May 2007

A New Home

My friends and I bought a sim. hehehehehehehehehehehahahaMUAHAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Offline IMs

Luxe has over-indulged on Abranimations' drunken animation override

Offline IM + Blackberry = Never having to leave the sanctity of your bed
You gotta love it cos you can have conversations like this:

Luxe Alabaster: I have the worst hangover on the planet and theres proof my flatmates have seen me naked.

Phree2Be Foxley: oh no!!!

Luxe Alabaster: Oh YES!! I'm now imprisoned in my bedroom out of embarassment. You'll never see me again unless someone moves my 'puter up here. Fare thee well.

Phree2Be Foxley: Let me hop on a plane, I'll get it moved for ya. Give about 36 hours, hehe.

Luxe Alabaster: I'll be a shrivelled dehydrated prune in 36'll be too late. I will my robots to you, be good to them.....they'll be orphans.

Phree2Be Foxley: Without you, I'm afraid they may turn to a life of crime. Imagine the world of SL, ruled and controlled by evil orphan robots. You must drink lots of water so you may recover and not allow such a travesty take place.

Luxe Alabaster: I'm not afraid of my robots running amok. I'm afraid of acknowledging the fact my flatmates have seen me bare-assed, and obviously in need of a wax. Oops. TMI?

Phree2Be Foxley: I think you will have to come to terms with this. Think about how much better they know you now. Focus on the positive!

Luxe Alabaster: Mmmmmm yes. Because I too would love & respect them so much more if I had observed them in Nature's glory, 'nads and all. NOT!

Phree2Be Foxley: maybe it was just a glimpse, and no one saw too much.

Luxe Alabaster: Ummmm no. I am butt naked in bed with Throwing Up peripherals all around me. They saw me in full glory. My boss is a demon, it's all her fault! Screech!!

Phree2Be Foxley: Well, they probably enjoyed the to find some positive here.

Luxe Alabaster: Ugh......ok I have to stop IMg now because its disrupting my foetal position. See you when I emerge, if ever.

Phree2Be Foxley: you'll be fine. rest well.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Original Gangsta

Hi everyone *waves and jumps up & down*!!! Gosh I've really missed you guys!!!

I had a really, really good time. Brushed off so many cobwebs. Gotta love that yoga! 7am wake-up calls for morning yoga sessions will sort all your rusty bits out in no time!

How has everyone been? I hope you've all had a wonderful few weeks too.

I made a decision during my trip to put my first life first (which hasn't been the case for awhile) because I really have to focus on getting stuff done RL. I've been procrastinating for ages! But I'll see everyone on the weekends because I love SL and all my friends and my robots too too TOO much. So please don't forget about me.....

I'll be spending more time on my RL blog, An Immaculate Conception, to chronicle the progress of my start-up as it goes along and offer ideas, resources and learnings from my experience as it happens in real time. So if any of you are interested in getting to know the real me.......

See you soon xoxo

Thincers rock!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Audiblog #4: Hurray, hurray, it's a holi-holi-day!!

Luxe will be toasting her booty until the end of April.
Get that aloe vera ready for her return :)

Ugly is the New Beautiful

Everyone's a supermodel in SL.

So I've been thinking of setting up an Ugly Shoppe. With ugly shapes, skins, reject clothes even your aged mum would never wear, daggy shoes and facial attachments like ginormous zits and ummm......bad green breath particles which blow out as noxious fumes into people's faces. And bodily sound packs. And bushy underarm hair attachments.

Stuff like that.