Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Audiblog #4: Hurray, hurray, it's a holi-holi-day!!

Luxe will be toasting her booty until the end of April.
Get that aloe vera ready for her return :)


winter mannonen said...

Hiya Luxe!

Hoping that you are having a lovely time en vacances!

I have been checking up on Robot HQ a wee bit... Doodlebot had a minor incident but has been brought to safety (i'll fill in details when you get back).

Also took your example and started up a SL-based blog of my own! *yay*

One step closer towards having a productively creative year (if work doesn't kill me that is --- as I ended up working all weekend)

Have a safe trip back!

Luxe Alabaster said...'re the best Winter!!! Thank you so much for being our Knightess in shining armour xoxo