Sunday, 8 April 2007

Drinks from Strangers

My mother always told me not to accept drinks from strangers.....AND HOW RIGHT SHE WAS!!! This is what happens if you're not careful!

Alternatively, you could quickly press Ctrl-8 a couple of times to zoom out, then use your camera to zoom back in again....

Less of a hangover, this way.

PS: Can someone tell me what the Z in "ZOMG" stands for?


Kraken Uramen said...

ZOMG is neither an acronym nor a word; it is an entity. ZOMG is a mythological figure who wields a sword tainted with the blood of emo kids. He slightly resembles a combination of a disdainful viking and the Motörhead skull mascot.

And if UD allowed images, I would post ZOMG in all his Viking glory. I will edit this entry in future when I can post an image.

ZOMG, the vikingotörhead, owns all your foolish definitions.

ZOMG is not an example, either!!!

Kraken Uramen said...

Taked from the URBAN DICTIONARY. :)

Luxe Alabaster said...


Zo THAT's what it means!

Thanks Krakkers!

PS: Did you get my IM about Sminky needing club prefabs / builds etc?