Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Audiblog #1, I got a mic and Skype (I've resisted it for years on the misconception that there;s alot of lag!) and and and and....I thought I'd do an audiblog today. It's a bit stuttery (I'm kinda shy) but.....hehe here goes!
PS: Yes - I say umm, yeah, y'know alot....a helluvalot.
PPS: Yes - any chance to flash my logos...


jee jookerie said...

wa lan!! Luxe!!! Yer england sooo powerderful one!
So steady, ang-moh-ish... slang so naturale!!!!

I think jee the fatso dun dare to hook up with u as friend lah... i am a boor... no slang, juz lan ah!

Luxe Alabaster said...

Oiii dun be such a slangist!!!! I know where you hang out on Thurs and Friday nights!!!!

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