Sunday, 8 April 2007

Audiblog #3: ROH-BOH-CHOOM

Yay! The Robochums are here!

My alt, Koi, is extremely attached to Arbel Vogel's Chibi-Robo - she never goes anywhere without it... and when I started building robots I promised her I would make a fleet of shoulder pets so she would never feel lonely.

So THANK YOU Arbel for the inspiration!!!

The Robochums (pronounced roh-boh-choooooomz) all come with a menu-driven sound pack that speaks Roboguage. What is Roboguage, you might ask? You'll have to come find me inworld to find out....

My favourite is Robochum Milton. He's got shifty, animated eyes and holds up a cardboard sign that displays Milton's Laws:

Hide behind someone bigger than you
Do it when no-one is looking
When in doubt, run
It wasn't me

Robochum Digit waves and winks at you ... he's awfully proud of his long lashes, he is!

Robochum Rob flashes his eyes at you and lights up your path on those long midnight treks (to the kitchen to get another cupcake). He also keeps your earlobe toasty with his little flame. You'll have to buy an ear muff for the other ear.

Robochum Telly is deep in slumber but I am kicking him awake as we speak.


Juliet Ceres said...

I'm not worthy!
I'm not worthy!


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