Thursday, 26 April 2007

Original Gangsta

Hi everyone *waves and jumps up & down*!!! Gosh I've really missed you guys!!!

I had a really, really good time. Brushed off so many cobwebs. Gotta love that yoga! 7am wake-up calls for morning yoga sessions will sort all your rusty bits out in no time!

How has everyone been? I hope you've all had a wonderful few weeks too.

I made a decision during my trip to put my first life first (which hasn't been the case for awhile) because I really have to focus on getting stuff done RL. I've been procrastinating for ages! But I'll see everyone on the weekends because I love SL and all my friends and my robots too too TOO much. So please don't forget about me.....

I'll be spending more time on my RL blog, An Immaculate Conception, to chronicle the progress of my start-up as it goes along and offer ideas, resources and learnings from my experience as it happens in real time. So if any of you are interested in getting to know the real me.......

See you soon xoxo

Thincers rock!

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