Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Offline IMs

Luxe has over-indulged on Abranimations' drunken animation override

Offline IM + Blackberry = Never having to leave the sanctity of your bed
You gotta love it cos you can have conversations like this:

Luxe Alabaster: I have the worst hangover on the planet and theres proof my flatmates have seen me naked.

Phree2Be Foxley: oh no!!!

Luxe Alabaster: Oh YES!! I'm now imprisoned in my bedroom out of embarassment. You'll never see me again unless someone moves my 'puter up here. Fare thee well.

Phree2Be Foxley: Let me hop on a plane, I'll get it moved for ya. Give about 36 hours, hehe.

Luxe Alabaster: I'll be a shrivelled dehydrated prune in 36'll be too late. I will my robots to you, be good to them.....they'll be orphans.

Phree2Be Foxley: Without you, I'm afraid they may turn to a life of crime. Imagine the world of SL, ruled and controlled by evil orphan robots. You must drink lots of water so you may recover and not allow such a travesty take place.

Luxe Alabaster: I'm not afraid of my robots running amok. I'm afraid of acknowledging the fact my flatmates have seen me bare-assed, and obviously in need of a wax. Oops. TMI?

Phree2Be Foxley: I think you will have to come to terms with this. Think about how much better they know you now. Focus on the positive!

Luxe Alabaster: Mmmmmm yes. Because I too would love & respect them so much more if I had observed them in Nature's glory, 'nads and all. NOT!

Phree2Be Foxley: maybe it was just a glimpse, and no one saw too much.

Luxe Alabaster: Ummmm no. I am butt naked in bed with Throwing Up peripherals all around me. They saw me in full glory. My boss is a demon, it's all her fault! Screech!!

Phree2Be Foxley: Well, they probably enjoyed the to find some positive here.

Luxe Alabaster: Ugh......ok I have to stop IMg now because its disrupting my foetal position. See you when I emerge, if ever.

Phree2Be Foxley: you'll be fine. rest well.

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