Saturday, 25 November 2006

Anorexia in SL

Luxe is in Solange's Shimmer in red and pumps from Minx.

I have definitely dropped a couple of pounds since I've been here - where does everyone go for a meal? I've never seen anyone eat! In fact, I often forget to eat myself and please note: I haven't missed a meal since that 12-hour interval when I was being born. Don't worry, as soon as I remember I sit down and have about a dozen plates of food to make up for lost time.

In my pre-SL days, if I had been on Miss Universe and asked what was my greatest hope for mankind, the answer would not have been World Peace but a world where gluttony is of no consequence.

Now that I have found it, there's nothing to bloody glut on!

However, I hear The Rose is pretty good so I'm going to check it out who can I ask to come with me? I know! Where are you little Shermie....

More tomorrow xLx

UPDATE*** Shermie and I went to The Rose last night at about 8pm? There was no-one there. But it was great to reacquaint myself with the tunes of Miami Sound I've missed you, Gloria. Not. What about the food, you ask? Put it this way - I'm still hungry.

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Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!