Thursday, 23 November 2006

It's just one big blank

The involuntary retching has stopped long enough for me to walk you through my morning.

I wake my computer up to find a new blog on the screen. Lovely - boring my mates in RL isn't enough, I need another medium. Read my posting. Cringe. Backpedal with a new post but I dont think I'm fooling anyone (least of all myself).

Arrive at Topaz and wander upstairs to get dressed for the day and find a big black behemoth perched on my wall. Did I bloody go out and buy a plasma TV last night????? WTF? Click it a couple of times nothing happens, look through my inventory for a remote control (or Binkler as my mate Marius would say).....nope. It's a big freakin mystery.

Much later in the day. And I mean muuuuuuuucccchhhhh later in the day it occurs to me that there might ..... get ready for this.....there might actually be something ON THE OTHER SIDE????? Er, like, duh.

Zip back home, flip it over...Wait. Allow me to elaborate on 'flip it over'. What I mean is that I had to try about 6 times before I got it right. First I turned it upside down, blank side out. Then perpendicular to the wall. Then right side up but upside down. Then it was perpendicular the other way. Hello, Mistress Retardo!!!!!!!

But the wait was worth it. Gorgeous. Big shout out to Fade at Cult Modern! xLx

PS: I also have 3 pairs of new shoes, a set of completely slutty lingerie that I would NEVAH normally buy and yet another pair of aviators. Someone lock that credit card up!

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