Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Es Ach Oh Pee Pee Ai En Gee

What a fabulous day! I finally got to meet Scene and we went SHOPPING!!!!!!! Totally wicked chick, and soooooo much fun...even if it was a little disarming because I had to refrain from gossipping about boys we both know.

Because I like lists, here's the Top Three of the day:

#3: Rugged Leather boots from Shiny Things (Hotei)
THANK YOU Anya, whom I boot-stalked at Naughty, for the heads up on where she got hers. They make the best clomping sound and have a great weight to them. I feel 'ard as nails.

#2: Electric blue stiletto boots - Prim Seductions(Octopia)
I've got real thing for electric blue and stripes at the moment. Here I have indulged in both.

But caveat emptor if I may - at Prim Seductions, one is never enough.

#1 : Everything in Laundry (Nakama)
Beautifully style, hand-drawn pieces with a Japanese monchromatic aesthetic. Simple, chic, uncomplicated, necessary. Scene and I bought everything, and then Fade came to polish off the rest.

Oh, and I love the visual merchadising display!

And then finally, a tram ride to nowhere...and everywhere.

Luxe is wearing a Laundry Mini Cheongsam in white, with dark wash Iki skinny jeans.
Fade is in Laundry Long Shirt/Pants 005.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I got to see those electric blue stiletto boots you were wearing today. What an amazing sight you were! The laaag prevented me from commenting at the time, but hours later, here I find myself. And now I find your mind is as intriguing as the rest of you.