Thursday, 28 December 2006


I dropped in at a junkyard and picked up this HUGE animation freebie with about 100 model poses, and spent a very entertaining evening trying them out. I can't believe some AVs have to pose like this all day for a living.

I wonder if SL models are like the RL models I know here. Hmmmm. To be a cliche or not to be: that is the question.

This is our two cents' worth.

Ryno, Koi and Luxe are wearing flexi penis in Circumcised.
Mr Roboto refused to participate because he is currently dating a supermodel.

Er, PS: mature content....


Anonymous said...

Simply a philospher seeking enlightment...

Now, how would truly want a penis that big, would it be the man, would it be the woman, or would it be both?

The man would want it to pleasure the woman, the woman for her own pleasure.

And thereby lies the reality of life, men exist simply to be used by women.

Hail Venus!

Luxe Alabaster said...

Ah, and that leads to a more pertinent question...who would want a FLEXI penis?

Would it be the woman, who would appreciate something a little more bendy to reach that oh-so elusive spot that men can never find on their own?

Or would it be the guy, who merely wants something to slap her face with cos he saw it on some porn clip his football mate sent him?

And herein lies another reality: Men just don't know what to do with a good thing.

Hail Venus!

Anonymous said...

And then again, there is always Gene Simmons ;)

Luxe Alabaster said...

ROFL...touche, my friend.