Thursday, 7 December 2006

Newbie Nostalgia / SK8

I have been feeling nostalgic for the excitement I felt as a brand new newbie.

Everything has felt so limited of late - frustration at poseballs that never work, a hunger like a dirty claw that is never truly satisfied. Conversations that duplicate themselves. Recognizing patterns like too many repeats on a prim.

It makes me want to turn my head away.

Ugh. I need a drink.

*Shakes herself to clear the doom & gloom*
*Takes a long and lingering sip of Kim Crawford's State Highway 63 Sauvignon Blanc*
*Says MMMMMMMMM in her head, in SL, on her blog and out loud*

OKAY. Now that's out of my system!

Has anyone been to the skate park at Blacktail Ridge? It's wicked fun, but first - sort yourself out with a skateboard. I reckon Stizzy's at Zephyr Heights have the best decks. I bought Eduardo Falken's board with 31 tricks and 9 jumps bla bla bla but it felt a bit too clunky. Who wants to be pressing all those buttons when you're carving up the bowls?

That reminds me of the katana I bought from Tiger Armour. Beautiful to look at. Cost a FAIR penny. But in the middle of a battle, who can be arsed to type "/5 slash"? Surely speed and accuracy are key? I could well be missing a trick here - someone enlighten me.

Perhaps I should change the name of this blog to "Notes from an Impulsive Shopper"....

My favourite cameo is practising his kickflips on a Stizzy board

Oh, and PS:
J.Lo has just released a new perfume called Live Luxe! I saw it on the plane back from Hong Kong and may I just reeks like an old lady that has tried to disguise her incontinence with too much Windex. Sorry J.Lo.

I want to change my name, my blog and my whole second life now.



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