Sunday, 17 December 2006

SL Otaku

Luxe is wearing a beige off-shouldered sweater by Iki,
a jade choker by Shiny Things, and aviators from FNKY!

William Gibson described an otaku as a 'pathological techno-fetishist with social deficit' in his cult classic Idoru. It's not particularly complimentary, especially in Japan, and more often than not refers to a 30 year-old living in his parent's basement, swaddled in grey, saggy y-fronts, subsisting on instant ramen and only leaving their cracksweat infused computer chair to eat, shit or sleep.

I arrived in beautiful sun-drenched Sydney today and am staying in a gorgeous modern hotel under the Harbour Bridge overlooking that old postcard favourite, the Opera House. Summer is here, and the sun is reflecting brilliant jewels off the aquamarine of Sydney Harbour.

And where am I? Holed up in my hotel room, hunched over my laptop with room service (Coffin Bay oysters, not instant ramen, thank you very much) scouring SL for new, cool places and hoping Babs will login soon.

"It's a slippery slope, my friends, a very slippery slope indeed," I mutter, squirming in my seat thinking that thongs are so uncomfortable for sitting any extended length of time, and wondering if I've thrown those old granny pants away...

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