Sunday, 31 December 2006

Last Words

It's my last post of the year and I don't know what to write about. Should I talk about men? Shopping? Me? Hey, I've just realised that 'Men' is just 'Me' with an extra letter at the end of it. Hmmmm. And not even a vowel at that :P

Did anyone see that YouTube guy who took a photo of himself everyday for like, 6 years and then comped them together into a video? Now that's commitment. I have been thinking about snapping my outfit everyday for the next year, but that seems like alot of hard work. Anyone in favour say I. Oh, youknowwhatimean!

One last insight for the year: SL is great cos it's just so bloody EASY. Over-indulged over the festive season and can't be arsed to exercise? Hey - just adjust your shape a little. Too lazy to shift the sliders? Just go buy a new one! Perspiration? What's that?!

Ok, clock is ticking - quick, resolutions:
1) STOP eating at my desk, especially crumbly, crackery things that breed ant farms in my keyboard.

2) Prioritise answering the telephone over answering IMs.

3) Do not agree to requests by strange men to to sit on strange poseballs.

4) Stop feeling guilty about appearing offline to annoying twats (but not quite having the heart to kick them off my list completely). And no, I'm not talking about you.

5) Make more of an effort to meet some cool girls because I miss female company.

6) Spend more time with The Sherms because he keeps me sane in a crazy convulated kind of way by being so psychotically insane. Shermie is irony playing Twister.

7) Keep my inventory organised.

8) Make friends with a furry. Like, good friends.

9) And finally, my last resolution is for Fade. But I'm not telling.

*Newsflash: I hear Lionel Richie singing "All Night Long" on the telly. Are we back in the 80s again?? Or is it just cos Nicole is so hot right now?

I wish you all a f*cking fab.u.lous 2007.
It is the dawn of a New Year, my friends.
Who knows what miracles it may hold?

All my love,

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