Monday, 8 January 2007

A New Gallery of Old Robots

I've been making stuff! Specifically, reproductions of tin robots that I love and collect RL. They'll be serialised & sold in limited quantities. I'm not sure what anyone would do with a tin robot in SL, but then again - what do I do with tin robots RL? It's not like they bring me my morning cup of tea (1 sugar, slightly milky, thick as sludge TYVM).

AND I made the gallery to house them in. All by myself. With alot of encouragement from my lovely F *bisous*.

The gallery is in Seonhan (69, 122, 35). Please come see me!

Fanks Shermie for the title inspiro.

And Phree if you're reading this, you were a real sweetheart about that parcel.


Phree2Be said...

Well, that explains the little tin man I saw the other day. Very Cute.

As for the land, don't worry about it. I would never sacrifice a good friend over a virtual piece of property. Enjoy it. Maybe I'll get one of those cute robots to display on my new beach...;). Hopefully they come rust proof. I'm not sure what that sea air will do to them.


Luxe Alabaster said...

Awww...:) The sea air would KILL them! But I might make a plastic seagull bot just for you.

Oh, can you drop me an LM to your beach house when you're next on? I want to leave a housewarming pressi for you xLx

Zona said...

Good words.