Wednesday, 10 January 2007


I've realised that there is a common thread that binds me to my friends in SL - obsessive compulsive disorder.

I have been building non-stop for three days, at the expense of eating, sleeping and communicating with anything that isn't made of pixels.

A typical Luxe Process:
1) Sketch a design and decide to start working on it at 4pm.
2) 4pm I'm still frantically TP'g from shop to shop trying on my 322nd demo skin.
3) 4:45pm finally sit down to build.
4) 5:22pm I'm on prim #15 of about 50.
5) 5:23pm I rez prim # 16 and twist and taper it a bit before thinking y'know, this shape would make a brilliant lampshade!!!!!
6) 7:30pm still working on that lampshade, having taken about 10 detours to look for textures, scripts and animations to go with it. I don't have my robot but I have this mad 40 prim lamp that would look just perfect....nowhere!

I'm probably going to burn out very soon, I can feel myself teetering on the edge.

It's so funny, but my closest friends in SL are the same! We make plans to do things...but the desire, the need, heck...the burning necessity for one of us to find that perfect texture, or search for that ideal plant in (minimum) 20 different shops completely blows our plans out of the window. And let's not talk about the time it takes to obsess about where aforementioned plants/textures etc should go.

What about my friend who had an important RL appointment the next day but was still logged on a couple of hours before scheduled appointment??


But hey - we're the normal's the rest of the world who have gone mad.


Yeah, keep telling yourself that Luxe.

Oh great, now I'm talking to myself as well. OCD and a multiple personality disorder. For fuck's sake, what's bloody next - Tourette's?

Luxe and friends are in skins by TaP


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post! I'm exactly like that too, can I be your friend?

Luxe Alabaster said...

It depends - do you have any good meds?

Kraken Uramen said...
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Kraken Uramen said...

Well, I eat a daily dosis of Ritalin LA and Prozac... I think that qualifies me to be your friend (not to mention how obsesive-compulsive I can be without my daily drugs). ^_^

Luxe Alabaster said...

Throw in an unhealthy enthusiasm for sleeping tablets and we could be best friends!