Sunday, 21 January 2007

A New Week....

Luxe foolishly wore heels from Minx (and broke them),
but her flatcap from FNKY! and her Toxicity dress from Canimal held up nicely

Ok, enough moping now. I accept that there's only so much I can do....

And besides, it's my Birthday Week!! Woohoo! So the theme for this week will be Things that I Have, instead of Things that I Have Lost.

And something I DO have is this brilliant ghetto blaster I made over the weekend to accompany my new Krazy Legz breakdancing robot. Hours of obsession. Shermie would visit in the morning.....and come back 10 hrs later to see me still hunched over the blasted (pun intended) thing with the only visible change being a knob repositioned slighty (oh, but what a perfect knob it is. Um, that sounds kind of WRONG).

The best thing about it can select classic b-boy tracks from the 80s! It might be elementary, my dear Watson, but I'm thrilled!

Hey You the Rocksteady Crew (RSC)
Rock It (Herbie Hancock)
The Message (Grandmaster Flash)
It's Like That (Run DMC)
Scorpio (Grandmaster Flash)
Rapper's Delight (Sugarhill Gang)

Requests are most welcome!

"How many prims?" you ask. 89. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Krazy Legz and the beatbox were inspired by a certain someone anyway, so I suppose high-prims are mandatory...

Also - can I just say that the Academy SL and TUi chat channels are a brilliant resource for new builders/scripters. Most people are soooooo helpful, and I've made some cool friends.

Props to Juliet/Kommissario for not just loving the boombox, but also showing me where to get the best breakdancing HUD in SL with wicked moves, and you can invite up to 4 people to pop with you (Abranimations).

Now if I could just find an illustrator....I might post a wanted ad on the forums....


Phree2Be said...

What!!! Your birthday, and I'm out of town. Well, remind me when I get back so I can buy you the ceremonial drink when I get back.

Have a happy,


Luxe Alabaster said...

*giggles* Don't worry - I wont be here this weekend either!

But I'll defintiely remind you when I get back - I'm the shameless kind :P