Monday, 19 March 2007

Ahm Taaahrd!

Someone said that moving house is the 4th most stressful thing you can do after stuff like losing someone you love. I used to think that was utter rubbish because what about things like losing a limb? Or winning the lottery then having the ticket blow out of your hands into the fire? Or getting a REALLY bad perm?

I take it all back.

Even thought I'm not finished, and the store's still a mess, and I haven't set the Tiny stuff up, and...and....


I'm taking a break tomorrow. If anyone sees me come online, pull out your security orb and boot me back into my first life willya? Momma needs a bubble bath and something easy to make like.....instant noodles!

But if you want to visit our new home please do :)

*takes a large slurp of wine straight from the bottle*


1 comment:

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