Sunday, 25 March 2007

A Very Long Gestation

My friends have politely refrained from pointing out that despite being a self-proclaimed robot maker, it has actually been quite awhile since I built a new robot.

Distractions, you know.

But after a very long gestation, the Atomic Falcon has finally reared his newborn head. The result of an unlikely and extremely short-lived union between Wonderwoman and Ultraman (they blamed it on cultural issues), the Atomic Falcon was renounced at birth in favour of his respective parents' careers. It's a typical story of neglect, made worse by Atomic's conflicting identity crises. Part-human, part-alien and part machine, Atomic is the anti-thesis of hybrid vigour. Whereas his contemporaries are saving humans from nuclear wars, evil midgets and pesticides - it's all Atomic can do to motivate himself to fly around the atmosphere, keeping a jealous eye on his peers' achievements.

Oh, but how well he flies.

Will he ever achieve his full potential?

Stay tuned for updates.

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