Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Robot Art

It has been sooooooo long since my last post! All work and no play, really. In SL anyway. The GREAT news is that I've finally gotten the commercial end of Robot going, with listings on SLX and a retail outlet in Geeks Unique. Yay!! I'm so thrilled with anyone who makes a purchase that I am compelled to check out their profile. I mean, you love my robots.....i love you....y'know?

Seriously though - this process has been a great learning curve. I havent built a new robot in awhile, but have learnt to make avatars, hack scripts, work photoshop, gained insights on visual merchandising.....AND most of all, realised that building a business in SL is rooted in the same fundamentals as RL. And, seeing as I'm starting an RL business, the lessons have been invaluable.

I have to say that I am full of admiration for my friend Juliet. She set Bitter Thorns up around the same time as Robot and her sales has grown in leaps & bounds. She has a focus and a drive that I lack. Did I say admire? I really meant jealous as f*ck! I'm going to work on getting her ass over to my part of the world for my RL concept. If you can't beat 'em, USE 'em! *evil grin*

I'm posting all the artwork I've done for my robots. My friend GP was supposed to have done them, but he got shafted by his sim owner* and left SL in disgust. SO I had to do it all by my own fair hand - a blessing in disguise cos it was so much FUN!

Here is the 1st series. These are the flyers with text displayed with the robots in the gallery. The posters are up on the wall without the background text.

Love, Luxe

* Ugh, re island scamming PLEASE be warned. There are some a*holes out there! Check this


Torley said...

This is so much fun. I think your colored barcode logo is brilliant.

Just wanted to come by and say hi, and I look forward to the Crazy Legs avatar. I really wanna get down with Kraftwerk's "Numbers" in a robot avatar, that's another Second Life dream of mine.

Luxe Alabaster said...

What a darling you are, YAY!

I've made the avatars for big'uns and tinies! Kraftwerk!!!! What a FANTAB idea, I didnt even think of it. What about The Robots?!?! Right, loading it up on a special edition Watermelon GBB today. You're a legend - look out for it in your inventory!

You don't know any good AO developers do you - I want to make a robot AO for my avatars.....

Torley said...

OMG Kraftwerk's "The Robots"... that is yeah, the most obvious. It's like saying the sun is bright... I look forward to the Watermelon GBB! Thank-you.

Also, re: AO developers, someone with the chops and style to pull it off, if he's got time, would be Jonny Dusk. He hasn't done a full-robot but he's done AOs for hyperbolic graphic novel-style characters.

I wonder who else has done a good robot walk... people like Stella Trenchmouth have that sort of sensibility, you may wanna check out Suffigium if you haven't yet, fun people there with dark noir overtones (and undertones, ha-ha!).

Torley said...

Two mo' names of peeps who make fun anims:

* Easy Babcock, who did some super-smooth dances but I bet he can do robot stuff too; earlier he did choreography for the techno act Longrange in Second Life

* Beau Perkins, who has oodles of fun stuff... some of them are nervous tics but I think they might as well be robo-moves! ;)

Torley said...

Oh gosh, I saw this and TOTALLY thought of you:


Luxe Alabaster said...


Booty booty booty. Bidibidibidi.