Sunday, 18 March 2007

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

Muji & Me - guess who's who!

I am very easily distracted.

I was in the middle of making the Watermelon GBB and I take one of my infamous 'breaks' and end up purchasing a new double prim 5120. But I HAD to!!!! The sim was called..... ALPHANUMERIC!!! How can this not be the only home for my robots? Obviously someone visited my gallery, was dazzled with inspiration and immediately went to rename their sim Alphanumeric in honour of Robot! Can you blame me for thinking the world revolves around my robots?

So I am now busy moving the gallery/shop/wotsit over to the new sim and it'll be really different. Alot more fun I think. A proper playground like what I'd always planned for the old tincans. The gallery was just too big - it would never feel finished. Juliet told me this from the beginning actually. So she's rich AND she's right. Damnit.

Huge shoutout to Zayn Till and Tasia Tonic from Metaverse Estates. They are the BEST landlords ever. Totally supportive, open-minded, encouraging and reasonable. You know they won't run out on you. Never too busy to pop round to admire a new product and they looked upon all of their tenant's ventures like proud parents. I will miss you guys *kiss*. WHAT AM I DOING?? WHY AM I LEAVING????!

And oh, did I mention that I was paying for a 11,040sm the same amount Dreamland charges for a 10,048sm tier? <---- there's something grammatically wrong with that sentence but I can't figure it out.

Another exciting bit of news - I have met a FABBO filmmaker who wants to shoot a short film about....DUN DUN DUN.......ROBOTS! How wonderful and fatabulous to meet likeminded people in this crazy metaverse! I'm chuffed beyond chuffed. Check Mujibus' photography ( and you'll see why I'm thrilled. Hmmm what will the plot be...let's see...oldskool sci-fi fan filmaker meets robotmaker with delusions of taking over the world...I wonder....

So Torley! I have not forgotten about you and the WGBB. THANK YOU for the hookups for animators. Nervous tics sound great....haha....perhaps I should make a Compulsive Ass Scratching robot (arm jerks back, head swivels round, up/down shoulder spasms. Repeat.) With an HUD for males to switch the animation to compulsive scrotum checking. YES, it's still there.

I'm like a cat. I start playing with a ball of string then out of the corner of my eye I see a butterfly and go chasing after that. Then a mouse pokes his head out of a hole and off I go again. Before I know it, I'm in the next meadow.

And that is exactly how it all happened.


Torley said...


* You're the first person I met who's moving inworld locations on the basis on region name. (You may also be interested to know that a number of the newer mainland regions we're putting up are named after sci-fi things.)

* Re: that gramatically tricky sentence, I suggest: "... did I mention that I was paying the same amount on a 11,040 m2 tier that Dreamland charges for 10,048 m2?"

* You're welcome, happy I can help, and again, much looking forward to the Watermelon WGBB with THE KRAFTWERK inside.

* You being who you are, you may also enjoy the philosophy behind Sinistar. :)

Luxe Alabaster said...

- I know! I explored a little more and saw a sim called Digitized Feelings on the other side of the continent. DRATS! I could technically be moving forever so I'll just switch that little button off now *click*

- Ahh yes TY :P There was something wrong with that post title as well but.....

YAY (or if I was of spanish descent, JAJ!) more reading!